What Should My First Fitness Goal Be?

What should my first fitness goal be

Inspired by the awesome ladies who attended our Plus Size Beginners Fitness Workshop over the weekend, I thought I would write a little article about what your first fitness goal should be when you are just getting started with things.

Quite honestly, everyone has different goals and motivations for getting moving more so there will be a high degree of variability. But what should you do if you really don’t even have a clue where to start with setting a fitness goal?

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know I’m not a massive fan of focusing too heavily on the number on the scales as a measurement of progress. I mention this because, when it comes to goal setting, we often tend to default to weight related goals. While it’s okay to want to decrease in size, I tend to encourage people to focus on other aspects of health and fitness when it comes to setting goals.

Why don’t I like weight related goals? There are just so many reasons why the scales can go up and down. They play havoc with your mindset and send us spiralling into despair the moment they don’t tell us what we think they should. Check out my post about my top reasons to ditch the scales for more on that topic. I don’t like to give the scales the power to make or break our day, week or month.

I prefer goals related to specific exercises/workouts or very straightforward ones around lifestyle changes you’re wanting to make. These lifestyle changes might be things that are helping you in taking positive steps toward your overall goals in a sensible and manageable way.

Exercise/Workout Specific Goals

  • Walking a particular route or distance more quickly (and feeling better doing it!)
  • Being able to do push ups on your toes
  • Being able to participate in a fun run for charity
  • Being able to do a chin up
  • Being able to do a sit up
  • Being able to hold a plank or a wall sit for a particular duration
  • Improving the number of reps you’re able to do in my 30 minute challenge

Many of these goals are quite big and will take some time to achieve so they will need to be broken down into manageable chunks and stages.

Lifestyle Based Goals

  • Exercise a particular number of times per week
  • Exercise for a particular duration throughout the course of the week
  • Eat breakfast every morning
  • Go to bed by a particular time to get x hours sleep
  • Commit to increasing your incidental activity
  • Take more time out for you

Not all of these are exercise specific but they are all things that will be conducive to a happier, healthier you if you practice them with consistency over a period of time. They’re all trackable in some way, attainable and relevant to your everyday life.

It’s okay to set yourself something like exercising twice a week as a starting point. That really is a great goal. You might add one of the other lifestyle goals into the mix too but be careful not to try to change too many things at once – then the whole thing becomes a bit too overwhelming.

Your goal doesn’t need to be elaborate. We want you to learn to enjoy movement so we need to ensure it will be achievable – especially when it’s your very first fitness goal.

If you need help setting your first goals, jump on over to chat to us on our Facebook page. We’ll get you started on the right track. The track toward long term success.