Getting Started with Fitness on a Budget

Getting Started with Fitness on a Budget

On a budget? You can still get started with improving your health and fitness with little to no cost to you. There are plenty of basic options to get you started, some of which I will outline below, and once you’re underway you’ll really only be limited by your imagination!

Budget Fitness #1: Walking/Jogging/Hiking

This is a pretty obvious one but a lot of people think it’ll be too hard or too boring so they don’t really get in and get it a go. I must admit, I don’t really like walking a whole lot if there is no purpose to it. To combat that, I try to get out on the weekends and check out new places – at least I’m not looking at the same stuff every day. I also like to challenge myself to go a little further or faster than I previously have. It’s no big deal if I am having an off day and I don’t set a record – just gives me something to aim for.

Listening to audio books or music can also help pass the time, as can walking with a friend or family member. I’ve started to create a little database of plus size friendly spots in Melbourne and Victoria to go for a walk. I am in the process of moving them from one of my other websites but make sure you check them out, more coming very soon!

Budget Fitness #2: Bodyweight Circuits

This can include walking/jogging, push ups, squats, lunges, dips, stick ups, step ups, sit ups and a whole bunch of others. Bodyweight training can be done in the privacy of your own home and can be done with no equipment at all. Keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook page for sample workouts that we put up from time to time to get some ideas if you’re not sure how to set up a circuit. Often a good starting point is to do 30 seconds of each exercise and then have a little rest before repeating.

Budget Fitness #3: Things Around Home

If you’re exercising at home, there are also a number of things you can use to help you add variety to your workouts. You can use steps, chairs, bench tops, couches and walls to help you perform exercises like step ups, dips, push ups and wall sits. You can also use bottled water/food cans/paint tins as dumbbells for resistance. Using empty (or full!) suitcases and towels rolled up can also provide resistance and add variety to what you’re doing.

Budget Fitness #4: Inexpensive Fitness Equipment

You can get a number of basic, inexpensive home exercise equipment as well if you’d prefer not to use the stuff around the house and have a little bit of money to invest. Kmart is ofter a good place to start and ALDI periodically have fitness sales that can be seriously great value for money. They are two great places to start looking if you’d like to add a few pieces to your arsenal. Things to look for include resistance bands, mats, skipping ropes, medicine balls, fitballs and dumbbells.

Budget Fitness #5: Incidental Exercise

If you’re brand new to fitness, simply working on building up your incidental exercise can be a fantastic start to your new, more active lifestyle. We’ve create a seperate post all about suggestions for boosting your incidental activity, you can find it here: Increasing Incidental Exercise to Help Reach Your Goals. You absolutely don’t need a fancy tracker, just make a conscious effort to move frequently throughout the day.

Budget Fitness #6: Online Support Groups

There are a number of online support groups you can join filled with people on a similar journey to you who can provide help and training ideas to keep you on track and taking steps toward achieving your fitness goals. Some are free and some have a small monthly or annual fee. We run one called The Secret Ninja Society costing $20 per month specifically for plus size ninjas wanting to start getting fit and feeling great. Alternatively, you can no doubt find some local options to you on Facebook – just make sure they are aligned with your beliefs about the right way forward for you.

Budget Fitness #7: Small Group Training

Small group training programs can be an awesome option as well if you have a little bit to spare each week to help you on your journey. It’s not generally more than $20 per session and can really help with ideas for your own workouts at home. We’ll soon be running some small group sessions in selected areas around Melbourne so keep your eyes on the services page and in our weekly emails for updates. A Google search should help you find something in your local area you could have a look at.

The more active you start to become, the more creative you will become and the more weird and wonderful ways you’ll be able to dream up to move your body even more. Make sure you pop any other suggestions you have for your fellow readers below or over on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear how you’re getting fit on a budget.