10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Plus Size Fitness Journey

plus size fitness journey

Just getting the ball rolling as a plus size beginner is a challenge in itself. Having some idea of what to expect can be invaluable so I have created a little list of ten things I think you really should know before you start your plus size fitness journey.

1. You are unique. Your body and your history are different from everyone else. Your body won’t respond in exactly the same way as any one else’s and what’s right for you won’t necessarily be right for your mum, your sister or your best friend.

2. It’s your race. Always remember, it’s your journey. You set the pace and the rules. It’s about you. It’s not about what everyone else thinks you SHOULD be doing. Focus on you and what feels right for you at the time.

3. It’s okay to be selfish. Taking time out for you is really important. To get your workout in or to look after yourself in some way. You are just as important as anyone else in your life, whether you believe it right now or not. Try not to feel guilty about looking after yourself, you won’t be any use to anyone else if you’re not doing that.

4. It won’t always be smooth sailing. There will be good days and crap days and good weeks and complete write-offs, it’s okay. It’s part of the journey. Just get up each day and try to be the fittest, healthiest version of you that you can manage.

5. It’s okay to start slowly. You don’t have to go bull-at-a-gate to start with as many programs you might see suggest. It’s completely okay to start at a place you think you can manage and then build upon it as your fitness improves.

6. Positive thinking is extremely powerful. Believing you can really is a massive first step. It’s super important to work on getting and keeping a positive mindset throughout the journey. It will help you bounce back from the days that don’t quite go to plan more quickly.

7. Moderation and consistency are key. It’s not about being perfect – whatever that is. It’s about consistently making efforts to be the healthiest and fittest version of you that you can be. You don’t need to cut everything out of your diet or exercise for hours every day – all things in moderation. It’s about finding a manageable and sustainable approach that works for you.

8. Focusing too much on the scales can be detrimental. A lot of people don’t really like to hear this one but I’m sure you have experienced the highs and lows of frequent weigh ins at some point in the past. The little number that the scales displays at any particular point in time can make or break your day or your week. There’s so much more to the journey than just that number. Check out my recent article about ditching the scales.

9. It’s okay to seek help. If you need help with your exercise, your nutrition or your mindset, it’s okay to seek help from the professionals. Whether you need a personal trainer, a dietitian, a psychologist or someone entirely different, it’s definitely worth the investment. It’s all part of the journey to finding your happiest, healthiest you.

10. You’re not alone. There are plenty other people in the exact same position as you, just starting out on their plus size fitness journey and wondering what the best way forward is. If you’re ever feeling alone and want to talk to others who are in a similar situation, jump on over to our Facebook page to connect with us or check out our Secret Ninja Society.

Make sure you have a good look around the blog to gather as much information as you can. With more plus size fitness articles being added every week, there is sure to be something that will help you on your way.