Changing Your Life, One Habit at a Time

Changing Your Life: One Habit at a Time

Have you ever set out to make some serious changes to your lifestyle only to find yourself exhausted and overwhelmed just a few days or weeks in?

It’s a very common phenomenon. It’s certainly happened to me before and if it’s happened to you, this post is most definitely for you.

The problem is that we all have a bit of a tendency to try to change everything at once – a total lifestyle change. It’s the foundation of so many of the weight loss and fitness plans out there. Move as much a possible and eat as little as possible – THAT is how you get results. I know that it really just isn’t that simple.

For the majority of us, this is an enormous leap and can be a real shock to the system. In most cases, it’s just too much change in too short a period of time for us to cope with. We can then very quickly and easily revert back to the very habits we are working on changing.

My advice to people when they are first starting out is to focus on changing one habit at a time – just one. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with one new habit, then add another one in. For example, given most clients are approaching me for help with their fitness, I encourage them to focus on just getting used to the increase in physical activity. Once they have had a few weeks at that, we can look to build on it.

Remember, we are aiming for long term, sustainable changes here – not a quick fix. If quick fixes were real fixes, we’d all be ‘fixed’ the first time we tried one. Take your time to really establish your new habit and build from there. It might take a bit longer but it’ll be a far less stressful and more manageable experience for you.

You’re absolutely still changing you’re life – just one habit at a time.

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