How Do I Get Rid of My Tuck Shop Arms?

How Do I Get Rid of My Tuck Shop Arms?

Today, I really want to talk to you guys about those often dreaded ‘tuck shop lady arms’, ‘bingo wings’ – whatever you like to call them (I’ve heard some crackers in my time as a trainer!). That layer of fat many of us (especially women) tend to have on the backs of our arms. I get asked all the time about how to get rid of it or at the very least improve its appearance.

Much to the dismay of many of my clients, you can’t just do a million tricep dips or pressdowns and have them magically transform into whatever your perception of perfect arms may be. You simply can’t spot reduce fat from particular areas of your body. You have to work to reduce your overall body fat levels in order to reduce the size of your arms.

How do you do that?

  • Become more active. There are all sorts of different ways you may enjoy being active and we encourage them all! Combine strength and cardiovascular exercise and add in anything else you would like to make a great start. The tricep exercises will strengthen and develop the muscle underneath the layer of fat but they will not actually remove the fat or ‘turn it into muscle’.
  • Start eating more mindfully. We are absolutely not out to tell you to never eat some of those foods you LOVE and have probably considered entirely off limits when you’re trying to be ‘good’. Pay attention to your hunger cues instead of just eating without thinking and aim to eat the food that you feel will REALLY satisfy you when you are hungry. Avoid eliminating food groups or specific foods from your diet, all things can be eaten in moderation as long as there are no allergies or intolerances.

It really is about changing your overall body composition if you want to try to get rid of your tuck shop arms. It may take some time but if you are consistent, you will notice improvements. Will your arms ever be in ‘perfect’ shape? To be entirely honest, there’s still likely to be a bit of loose skin, so not I doubt you will consider them to be perfect by the standards often imposed by society. But they will be perfectly you!

Try to focus more on improving your overall health and fitness. Try to embrace your body (including your arms) for what it CAN do and DOES do every day for you rather than perceived cosmetic flaws. A focus on becoming as fit, strong and healthy as you can, working with your body and not against it, should see your arms start to take care of themselves to a large extent.

At Slim Force, we are much more concerned with overall health and fitness outcomes than trying to create the perfect arms. I mean realistically, if your arm jiggling a little when you wave a friend goodbye is the worst thing you have to deal with in life, you’re doing pretty well. As your body begins to adapt through the lifestyle changes you’re making, your arms will start to as well.