Training in Hot Weather – Our Top Tips

Training in Hot Weather - Our Top Tips

Summer is finally here and while it’s taking Melbourne a bit of time this year to really warm up, we are starting to see more and more warmer days. I’m sure we are not even close to the worst of it yet, either.

Predictions are certainly for a hot start to 2017 and how do you keep up with your exercise when it’s so stinking hot? Here are my top tips for you to keep moving when it gets really hot.

Training in the Heat Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

When it comes to staying hydrated, it’s an all day effort. It’s not just making sure you have a drink while you’re working out. Keep your fluids up throughout the entire day as well. You’ve quite likely noticed that workouts are much easier and you’re better able to cope with them if you start out hydrated. Your body is working much more efficiently.

Try to start out hydrated, sip on water throughout the session (as opposed to gulping it down) and make sure you have plenty of fluids to replenish your body post-workout. Water is generally the best option fluid-wise. Unless you are really exerting yourself over a prolonged period of time, it’s unlikely you’ll need to consume energy/sports drinks.

Training in the Heat Tip #2: Get It Out of the Way Early (or Late)

When it’s going to be hot, it’s definitely worth the extra effort to try to roll out of bed a bit earlier to get some exercise in. It’s surprisingly nice to be up to watch the rest of Melbourne waking up. I am so far from a morning person but when it’s going to be hot, early in the morning is certainly my favourite part of the day. Training early will help you avoid getting too hot and will see you exercising when you have the most energy as opposed to attempting to do too much after the heat has zapped any energy you started the day with.

The other alternative is to wait till much later in the day – ideally after the sun has gone down. Even if it remains hot, it’s much more manageable to get through your session without the sun beating down on you. You still may be a bit less energetic than you might be if you got up earlier. If you can’t bring yourself to set that alarm earlier and are more of a night owl, this is another good option to minimise the chances of overheating.

Most importantly make sure you avoid exercising in the really hot part of the day (normally in the afternoon) unless you are able to exercise in an air-conditioned environment.

Training in the Heat Tip #3: Dress Appropriately

If you are doing a workout on a hot day, make sure you try to wear lightweight, breathable, loose fitting clothes wherever possible. I know it can be hard when you’re feeling a bit self conscious about how you might look in some of your workout gear but try to find something as light as possible. If you’re going to be outside throughout the session, make sure you wear a hat, sunglasses and some sunscreen. Ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear for the activity you are doing.

The Bottom Line

In saying all of this, Ninjas – remember if we are in the middle of a relentless heatwave as often happens in Melbourne during the Summer, it’s completely okay if you don’t get the workout in. Just pick up and carry on with it as soon as the weather cools down or as you are feeling more able to do something. In the meantime, focus on eating intuitively and incidental activity.

It won’t undo all your hard work if you have to miss a session or two in a week with several days of 40+ degrees in a row, it just won’t. Listen to your body and do what feels right for your body – it might be a different workout, it might be a modified workout or it might be no workout at all on some occasions.

Do the best you can on each day and move onto the next – don’t dwell on it if you miss a workout, you can’t change it. Making sure you’re okay to take on the next day is so much more important.

If you’re looking for some ideas for training in hot weather (or have a great one you’d like to share!), make sure you pop on over to our Facebook page for a chat.