Top 5 Ways to Work Exercise into Your Busy Life

Top 5 Ways to Work Exercise into Your Busy Life

It’s kinda challenging to work exercise into your busy life. You’ve got so much going on most of the time, it all seems a little be hard really. You’re juggling work, kids, relationships and a social life – not to mention the housework!

Here are five of our tips to help you work exercise into your busy life when it just isn’t happening for you.

1. Schedule it in

Sounds a bit obvious and a little silly but in many cases, we do have time to exercise even when it doesn’t feel like we do because we aren’t setting any specific times aside in our schedule to do it. Each weekend, sit down for 5 minutes with your diary or calendar and decide which time/s you might be able to set aside for exercise. Having set a particular time aside in advance makes it far more likely to happen than if we are too vague about it.

2. Start small

If you’re not doing a whole lot in terms of exercise right now, start small. Going too hard, too fast will make it all seem so much harder than it needs to be. Start with either 1-2 blocks of time for exercise per week or a number of quite short mini workouts – just until you get used to it. You can then look to increase when it feels right.

3. Break it up

If you often find yourself with very small blocks of time that you just sort of sit there for because they don’t feel long enough to do anything, you could start using them to move more. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do 3-4 five minute mini workouts over the course of the day. It’s not exactly the same but it all counts and if that’s the way it will work for you, go for it.

4. Multi-task

Plenty of us, especially busy parents, find ourselves having to multi-task constantly. It’s not ideal but again, we’re looking for solutions here, not perfection. Could you do laps of the house while you’re on the phone? Could you do some basic bodyweight exercises while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or between tasks while cooking dinner? How about some laps of the oval at footy training or riding the exercise bike while you’re watching the TV? Whenever it’s safe to be moving, it’s a potential option. It can all start to add up.

5. Boost your incidental exercise

This one is not about formal exercise. It’s about all the little things you could do during each day that can start to add up to an overall more active lifestyle. It could range from simple things such as walking to the bin instead of throwing balls of paper at it to getting off the tram a stop early and walking the rest of the way – things that don’t take very much time at all but equal more movement over the course of the day. We’ve dedicated a whole article to ideas for boosting your incidental exercise, check it out here: Increasing Incidental Exercise to Help Reach Your Goals.