Scheduling Workouts with Yourself

Scheduling Workouts

Life can get pretty crazy at times and almost always, your training regime is the first thing that goes out the window when everything turns to crap. It’s probably not our favourite thing to do and/or it seems like an added bonus if you get it in and we wonder ‘who does it really effect if I don’t do it?’ Truth is, it has little impact on other people so it’s really pretty easy to ditch.

You wouldn’t cancel on your doctor, your best friend or your hairdresser so why has is become okay for you to cancel on yourself? Your fitness needs to start becoming a priority in your life. Something that is worthy of its own appointment in your schedule. After all, you wouldn’t be able to do all the things you’re ditching training for if you don’t look after yourself and your wellbeing.

This week, I want you to start blocking off times in your diary or calendar for your workouts and any preparation time that may be required. Resolve not to break these appointments – make them not negotiable. As a backup, figure out at least one additional time that you COULD workout if something does come up that makes the scheduled workout completely impossible (ie getting stuck in traffic). This way you can make up a missed appointment if required. You might even do a workout in your backup time as an extra if you get super keen!!

If you have a week where you do miss a workout and it can’t be avoided (or even if it could!), don’t waste your energy dwelling on it. You can’t go back in time. Just aim to make sure the next one happens. We don’t want exercise to be a complete drag. If you find you are struggling, try to schedule in something active but fun. Something you’ll look forward to. A bike ride, a walk with a friend, a ball game in the park with the kids. If it’s fun, you’ll be far more likely to do it.

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