Choosing Progress Over Perfection

Choosing Progress Over Perfection

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of choosing progress, when it comes to your fitness, over perfection. This actually kind of goes for all aspects of your life. As much as many of us would like to be, we simply are not perfect. What the hell is perfect anyway?

All those memes and fitness pages out there are always push, push, pushing for an all-in approach where there is no real room for a bad workout or crappy day. They make you feel like you failed if you didn’t pull off the perfect workout. How do we feel when we think we’ve failed? Pretty awful, right? Like we might as well give up since we can’t keep up.

Let me tell you something, it’s completely okay if:

  • you have a bad day and you can’t complete the workout
  • you don’t beat your personal record EVERY time you train
  • your diet isn’t perfect every day
  • you miss a workout
  • you have to use a lighter weight or go at a slower pace if you’re tired or have been sick (or just because!)

Fitness isn’t a destination. Not really. It’s part of a healthy lifestyle and yes, most of us want to get faster and stronger but it’s not an all or nothing situation. If you’re generally heading in the right direction and you’re still working away toward your goals – you’re really doing great.

You aren’t failing; you’re learning and you’re progressing.

Life happens. Some things are available. Some are not. Some things are minor blips, some things shake us to our core. Sometimes we have to take a little step back before we can go forward again. The journey won’t be ‘perfect’. It’s just not possible and certainly not realistic.

Always choose the shuffle over the sprint. The bonus is that you really get the opportunity to make sustainable changes. Being physically active won’t feel like some kind of punishment. You’ll enjoy it and value the time you get to spend on yourself.