Making a Positivity Jar

Making a Positivity Jar

Today, we’re talking about making yourself a positivity jar and how it could benefit you and your mindset on your health and fitness journey.

What is a Positivity Jar?

A positivity jar is a reminded of all the little things that happen in our lives. It’s a source of optimism, encouragement and happiness when things get rough. Sometimes it can be hard to see all the little bits of awesome happening all the time when things seem to be going a bit skewiff.

How do I make a Positivity Jar?

  • Find a jar that you LOVE. Something as ‘you’ as possible and certainly something you find appealing and attractive.
  • Keep it somewhere that you will see it and keep either a notepad or a stack of coloured post-its nearby.
  • Whenever something awesome happens, jot it down on the paper and pop it into the jar. All the little wins. It can be super small, anything that made you smile or improved your day.

Making a Positivity Jar

When do I look at my Positivity Jar?

Whenever you like! It might be that you need a pick-me-up or just have a few minutes to sit down and reminisce. The positivity jar can be a powerful reminder of all the little wins in a world where it can really be so easy to get wrapped up in, and consumed by, the negatives.

A positive attitude and mindset, can really be invaluable to your wellbeing when you’re embarking on a series of lifestyle changes. Reframing and acknowledging the positive things that happen to us, no matter how small, can really have an important impact on your state of mind.

Collect all your little wins in your positivity jar over the course of twelve months. See how many notes you have in there by the end of the year. That’s a lot of time for a whole lot of awesome.

If you’ve made yourself a positivity jar, we would absolutely love to see it! Pop on over to our Facebook page and share a photo with us.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve put together!