Support Networks: Why You Need Them

Support Network

Having a little support network in place when you are just starting to make some serious lifestyle changes can be invaluable. While this is YOUR journey and you should try to avoid letting yourself be impacted too much by what other’s think – having people (or even just one you can really rely on!) on your side and on board with what you are doing in a supportive, non-judgmental way can be incredibly helpful.

A lot of people say they are on board when you tell them about your journey and what you are wanting to achieve for yourself. In fact, most people will appear supportive initially. Unfortunately, however, it isn’t uncommon to find that people (either consciously or unconsciously) start to sabotage our efforts. They might try to persuade you to participate in situations that you may be trying to avoid placing yourself in or encourage you to eat foods you don’t particularly want, need or feel like.

You may be feeling as though you can’t do much about those who are providing unsolicited feedback about your journey or those who are trying to get you to do things you’d rather not do. It is, however, a good idea to start to become more aware of what those around you are doing and how it might be impacting your journey. As you begin to recognise hints of sabotage in the behaviour of those around you, you may then choose to work on strategies to deal with these obstacles as they come up. You might just get better at tuning them out.

In the meantime, your little support network, those who are truly on your side, is an important part of the puzzle when it comes to tackling some of your lifestyle habits and behaviours. Do you have someone (and it can just be one person) who is supporting you in a non-judgmental way? Someone you can talk to when you’re struggling or to set you straight if you start beating yourself up for ‘being bad’? Someone who will accept what you are trying to do for yourself without interfering?

Having someone (or a little team) can be such a positive influence that I have made a point of including it in our 100 Club programs in Heidelberg by way of the small group training sessions. I’ve also more recently create an online support group, The Secret Ninja Society, to help support people on their heath and fitness journey. Even when clients don’t have a lot of other support on their journey from friends and family, they have a little team of people who they can rely on.

You might choose your partner, a friend, a family member, your personal trainer or you might join a group of people who are working toward similar goals (in person or online) to help support you through your journey. Whoever it is, having them there when you need them will make a big difference to your chances of making long term changes you can really stick to. It can be a long journey with many ups and downs – going it alone can really be a challenge.

If you’re struggling with any aspect of your health and fitness journey and don’t have a support network, make sure you pop on over to our Facebook page and ask for help 🙂