Benefits of Training with a Friend

Benefits of Training with a Friend

Making exercise a regular part of your life can be a real challenge. It can be so hard to keep your motivation levels up and it’s all too easy to give it a miss. While I never suggest you base your regime solely on what someone else is doing, there are some definite benefits to training with a friend or family member.

Firstly, and probably best of all, it can be way more fun to train with someone else. Because you’re having fun time pass much more quickly because you aren’t so tempted to look at the clock and see how much long you have to exercise for. Whenever I train with a friend, even if it’s a really hard personal training session, we’re smiling and laughing our way through. It just never seem to bad.

Secondly, having a friend training with you means you have an additional accountability partner. It’s common to feel unmotivated and want to skip the workout. The good news though, if you have a training buddy, is that normally at least one of you is motivated on any given day to get in there and give it a go. You’re not so likely to bail if a friend is counting on you.

Thirdly, if you’re doing something like personal training that involves a cost, you can split the cost. When it comes to personal training, it’s not normally double the price to have a friend or family member join you. In my business, you’re looking at an extra $15-$20 for the second person. Having a friend or two join you for sessions means more affordable sessions. Yay!

My challenge to you? If you’re finding it challenging to get motivated, see if you can get a friend or family member to get out there with you for a walk, a class or a gym session. It doesn’t have to be structured exercise even, just something active you can have fun doing together. Let me know how you go below or over at our Facebook page.