Getting Out of An Exercise Rut

Getting Out of An Exercise Rut

Today, I want to talk a little bit about exercise ruts and offer you some suggestions about how you might go about getting out of an exercise rut. We’ve all been there. We keep doing the same old workout, walk around the same route, it just gets boring. Entirely understandable.

Are you experiencing this kind of thing at the moment? If you are, it’s time to mix things up a little bit! You don’t have to throw what you were doing out the window entirely. There must have been something you liked (even…enjoyed!) about it to begin with if you’ve stuck to it this long. Maybe you just need to add something new to the mix.

Some ideas to bust out of that exercise rut include:

  • Trying out a new class or piece of equipment that you’ve never tried before. Look for something a bit different that you think might complement what you are traditionally doing (and something that you think you might enjoy). I recently had a client, who loves doing a lot of strength based resistance training, give yoga a go – she loves it! It complements what she does with me and is a great part of her new regime.
  • Going to somewhere different for a walk, even if you have to drive a bit to get there. The change in scenery might be just what you need. I like to go to new places on the weekends with my fiance to walk. Sometimes in different parts of Melbourne, sometimes in regional Victoria. I always find it helps motivate me with my regular walks around home.
  • Try some informal/unstructured exercise. This is something many of us don’t do a lot of. Just get yourself outdoors, maybe to a park or some gardens. If you’ve got kids, take them along and just be active in whatever way takes your fancy at the time. It might be wandering around the paths on an adventure, it might be playing frisbee, it might be kicking a footy around – just be active.
  • If you’ve got a trainer, see if they can help you with a new program to do between sessions – or an additional one to alternate with the one you’ve been doing to mix things up a bit. If you’re a member of a gym, they will often be able to help you out with this as part of your membership.
  • Make a new mix tape! Okay, these days it’s no doubt a playlist and certainly not on a cassette tape but you get the idea. Sometimes it’s not the exercise itself that we get bored with, it’s the rest of the experience. Download some new (or old!) tunes, put them together and see if it helps. I’ve been known to be excited to do a workout so I could listen to particular songs before. Keep it fresh and it’ll help pass the time.
  • Try doing your workout in reverse! Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Go for time instead of a number of reps. There are all kinds of ways you could play around with the format of the exercises you’re already doing to mix things up a little bit.

We’re not really designed to do the same thing day in and day out. Particularly these days when we have so much going on and so many distractions – we get bored easily. It’s well worth trying to mix things up a little bit whenever you start to think that you’re just not feeling it anymore.

See which aspects of what you are doing are changeable. You might just need to throw something new in every few weeks to keep you inspired. You might have to change things around constantly. Everyone will be different. To continue to improve and adapt, we need to challenge ourselves so adding new things to the regime over time instead of doing the same thing ALL the time can be very beneficial.

What are some of your ideas for mixing up your workouts and exercise schedule? Let us know over at our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you. Keep at it Ninjas, you’re doing a great job, regardless of where you are up to on your journey.