5 Ways to Mix Up Your Training Schedule

5 Ways to Mix up Your Training Schedule - Plus Size Fitness in Melbourne

Fitness really is a life long thing. That’s what we’re aiming for anyway. It’s natural for there to be times where it feels hard to keep up the motivation and the momentum, despite our best intentions. It’s life. Stuff happens. We get tired, we get frustrated and we get bored. For this reason, I have created a list of five great ways you could mix up your training when things are starting to feel a little stale.

Mix Up Your Training Idea #1: Set Yourself a Challenge

Setting yourself a new little challenge can spark a bit of motivation to get moving if you’re finding it has started to lapse a bit. It doesn’t have to be something insanely challenging where you are going to be running yourself into the ground, either. Nobody wants that.

Is there an exercise you’d like to get better at? Would you like to say walk a particular number of kilometres over the next month? Want to be able to do more push ups or a more challenging variation of push ups? Try to see a little challenge around things like this – something that is relevant to your personal goals.

Sometimes the mini-reward of ticking things off after a workout can have a huge impact on whether the workout happens or not.

Mix Up Your Training Idea #2: Train with a Friend or Family Member

If you’re feeling a bit sick of your own company or just want something a little bit different, see if you can recruit a friend or family member to exercise with you sometimes. It might just be going for a walk together, it could be attending an exercise class or doing your own thing in the privacy of one of your homes. Having someone do it with you helps to avoid procrastination and certainly makes training a whole lot more fun!

Mix Up Your Training Idea #3: Think Outside the Box

Sometimes we just think of the run of the mill things to do when it comes to deciding about what sort of exercise to do for any given workout. Walking, weights, swimming, bodyweight circuits etc. See if you can put your thinking cap on and find other ways to move your body that you might not have traditionally considered ‘exercise’.

Things like gardening, dancing, playing frisbee with the kids, playing a sport, a working bee around the house, even housework itself can be quite a workout. Instead of your traditional workout, you might like to do something a bit different for you activity once a week.

Mix Up Your Training Idea #4: Try a Different Training Style

If you’re always walking or always doing a traditional circuit, it might be time to mix things up by training a different training style. You might like to try something like interval training for example.

With walking it might be something like this:

  • walk briskly for 60 seconds
  • walk slowly for 60 seconds
  • repeat for 20 minutes

With circuit training, you might try something like a bit of Tabata training to mix things up. Pick one exercise (or two to alternate between) and perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (for a total of 4 minutes). For example of you chose squats you would do 20 seconds of squats and 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times.

This can take a bit of getting used to so starting off with 2 exercises to alternate between can help you if you’re struggling with 8 rounds of the same exercise. You might just push ups and squats for example, working 2 different parts of your body.

Mix Up Your Training Idea #5: Try a Different Time of Day

This one won’t be possible for everyone. It’s the nature of our lives with our crazy schedules but if there is room for movement, give it a go. If you normally exercise after work, could you try getting up early once a week to do some exercise? Could be go for a walk or do a short circuit in your office in your lunch break?

Sometimes exercising at a different time forces us to try some different options and it might be that you find something you really enjoy that you might never have contemplated at the time you would normally have been training. You might even find that you prefer to get up early or utilise your lunch break for exercise more than training after work. You’ll never know if you don’t try!

What is your favourite way to mix up your training? If you’ve found something really helpful, why not stop by the Facebook page and let us know! You never know who you might help!