Non Food Related Reward Ideas

Non Food Related Reward Ideas

Today I want to talk to you about reward ideas. I think it’s a great idea to reward yourself along the way for achieving particular milestones as you work toward your goals. It gives you motivation and positive reinforcement for the new lifestyle habits you are establishing. Making yourself wait until you reach some long term goal somewhere out in the distance before you do anything nice for yourself is never a good idea.

But should these rewards be food based? It’s probably not ideal. I find that using food to reward ourselves can reinforce the thoughts of food being either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and just aren’t overly helpful. I wanted to put a few non food related suggestions together for you today, just a few things you could use to reward your efforts that will make you feel great about YOU.

Self Care Based Reward Ideas

  • Treat yourself to a nice massage as you make progress toward your goals. It will help loosen up any tight, sore, aching muscles (from life in general as well as working out!) and leave you feeling much better overall.
  • Pedicures and/or manicures are so not my thing personally but I hear they are GREAT and would be a sensational little reward for yourself along the way. Especially if you’ve been training hard, those hands and feet deserve some TLC.
  • As you build your fitness, your confidence starts to grow as well. You start to feel like a new person and what better way to acknowledge your new-found confidence than an awesome new haircut? Try something a little bit different. You’ll leave feeling a million bucks!
  • Head out with some friends to a day spa or somewhere else you find relaxing and take the time to really destress and pamper yourself in whatever way you find appealing. It’s all about you!

Clothes Based Reward Ideas

  • New clothes that fit great and make you feel great are always a good reward. Even if you are changing shape with all your new habits, getting yourself something the fits you well and makes you feel a million bucks is definitely worth it. Maybe don’t buy a whole new wardrobe if you’re still working toward your goal but a few pieces here and there are a must.
  • Grab yourself some new workout gear! There’s nothing better to help motivate you to get out there and keep moving than a new fitness outfit. Maybe a new top, some new leggings or a new pair of shoes is the answer here. You’ll be excited to put them on and try them out.

Fun Based Reward Ideas

  • This could be something as simple as shouting yourself some iTunes cards to download some new music onto your MP3 player. You’d be surprised how a refresh to your playlist can give you a boost.
  • You could take yourself (with or without a friend in tow) to that movie you’ve been wanting to see. If you can spare the extra, splurge a little bit and get one of those comfy seats in Gold Class. You deserve to be able to put your feet up!
  • How about something like an experience? Especially if you’re celebrating some of your bigger achievements on the journey. Think about something you might not have been game to do before you started your fitness journey and see about making it happen. Check out sites such as for inspiration.
  • An activity you might not normally have in your routine – skating, surfing, trampolining, bowling etc. A night out with friends or your partner – maybe to a comedy show, the theatre or dancing.

Fitness Based Reward Ideas

  • Fitness trackers are all the rage at the moment. I’m partial to Fitbits personally but there are quite range to choose from depending on your requirements and of course, your budget. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge and a motivation boost when it’s time to set new goals, one of these trackers might be a great little treat!
  • A new MP3 player. Yeah, I know. Most people just use their phones these days but sometimes I find that phone are pretty damn big so a much more compact version might better suit your training needs as your fitness improves.
  • Some new home-based fitness gear is another great option. Life is pretty crazy sometimes so our best bet at fitting in additional training is often to be able to do it from home. You could treat yourself to a piece of equipment to use at home. Probably the most common larger purchases are cardio machines like treadmills and exercise bikes and boxing heavy bags (a great stress reliever!!) while smaller rewards could be things like medicine balls, resistance bands or a nice new mat to train on.

That’s about a wrap from me today, folks. I hope this has given you a few ideas about how you could reward yourself as you progress toward your goals. I’d love to hear some of your reward ideas over at our Facebook page.