Should I Cut out Carbs?

Should I cut out carbs

Should I cut out carbs? This is a very common question that I hear frequently in my personal training business. There is an incredible amount of misinformation out there and every man and his dog has an opinion about it – the vast majority of the people weighing in are not even qualified to do so.

While it’s true that some people tend to feel more energetic and function better on a lower carbohydrate diet, carbs are certainly not the devil and should not be treated as such. They really have copped it a lot in this diet-crazed world but they’re essentially for energy, especially when you’re training. Some carbs are just more everyday type foods and others are more sometimes foods.

Should I cut out carbs

In my view, unless you have a particular allergy or intolerance, no food needs to be eliminated from your diet – especially not a whole food group. Now, I’m a personal trainer. My area is fitness and I’m only qualified to give quite basic, general guidance with regard to nutrition. There are a LOT of personal trainers out there acting as though they are qualified to prescribe you a specific diet. Unless they have additional qualifications, they absolutely are not qualified to do this. What works for someone isn’t always right for the next – it’s very much about finding a way of eating that works for you and your body.

What I do recommend and encourage (quite strongly!) is, if you are thinking of cutting out carbs (or any other food group for that matter), talk to a qualified dietitian. They are the professionals best equipped to advise you on the pros and cons as they relate to your specific set of circumstances. They will also be able to help monitor any dietary changes you make to ensure you are doing the right thing for your body.