4 Great Advantages of Mobile Personal Training

4 Great Advantages of Mobile Personal Training

When we set out to get into better shape, often one of the first things we think of is joining a gym. We’ll head down to the local gym, or the one across from work that has the sale on memberships. We’ll even go for a few weeks (or even a couple of months) religiously but then something happens to stop us getting there – the kids are acting up, you had a hard day at work, there just isn’t enough time, you feel uncomfortable there – we say ‘I’ll just take today off and I’ll go back tomorrow’ or ‘That was a bad week, I’ll go more next week’. Over time, we just stop using the gym altogether.

This is a reasonably typical story anyway and gyms make a small fortune off the fact that the majority of us don’t tend to go that much after the first few weeks and months. We have great intentions so we keep paying. I can’t tell you the number of inactive members there have been at the gyms I’ve worked at in the past that just keep paying week after week.

Mobile personal training is something people don’t always consider. There are a number of advantages to taking this approach when wanting to make real, lasting changes in your life. Here are just four of them.


Mobile personal training is a great option for people who are really busy and find themselves very time-poor. Having a personal trainer come to your house or office eliminates the need for you to travel to and from gym. This means a 45-minute session really only takes 45 minutes – not 2 hours! Mobile training is also great for stay-at-home-parents who have babies or toddlers and can’t easily get away from the house (and you certainly can’t take them to a gym!)


For many people, starting out on a journey toward better health and fitness can be pretty daunting. This can be especially true when you are carrying quite a lot of extra weight and you aren’t feeling comfortable in your own skin. Mobile personal training can be a great option in that you can train in complete privacy – in your lounge, your garage, your backyard – wherever you are most comfortable. It can be a great start when you’re not sure what you’re doing yet or if you would prefer not to exercise in front of other people.


Having a personal trainer come to you can provide you with some serious accountability. It can be hard to stay motivated over an extended period of time and having someone arrive at your door with everything you need for a great workout can make the difference between doing it and not doing it. We’ve all done it – you’re tired, you’ve had a big day, it’s cold (or hot!) so you decide to skip the workout and head for the couch. Having someone coming to you means you’ll change into your runners and make the most of the session.

Learn how to train without the fancy equipment

With gyms a dime a dozen, people can become quite reliant on them for a workout and don’t seem to know what to do when they find themselves without access to a gym – it might be closed for the Christmas holidays or you might be away for business or you just don’t have time to get to the gym, workout and get back. Engaging in a mobile personal training program will teach you how to train all parts of your body with just your bodyweight and minimal equipment (and believe us when we say you can get a great workout with just your body weight). This means you’ll have all the tools you need to get a workout in regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

To find out more around my mobile personal training services, you can jump on over to the designed website: Slim Force – Plus Size Mobile Personal Training. We are hoping to have expanded our service area to all over Melbourne and even some of the more regional areas of Victoria by the end of 2016. There are a number of businesses who offer mobile training all around the city and state. Do your research and try to avoid basing your decision solely on price, make sure the program sounds right for you.