Should I Join a Bootcamp?

Should I Join a Bootcamp

Should I join a bootcamp?

It’s a question I come across fairly frequently as a personal trainer. There are certainly a lot of bootcamp-style group sessions out there, many of them fairly cheap to attend. Bootcamps certainly give the impression of some seriously tough training that will be sure to transform your body in no time.

Different types of exercise suit different people and what is right for you, isn’t necessarily what is going to be right for your mum, your sister or your best friend. When considering whether you will join a bootcamp, probably the most important focus should be that you do something you enjoy, or believe that you will enjoy.

Should I Join a Bootcamp

So, is bootcamp for you? 

I’m sure there are some bootcamps out there that are great but many may not be ideal for plus size beginners. Why not? Many bootcamps are comprised of quite large groups and it can difficult for the instructor to keep a close eye on everyone and provide plus size friendly, beginners options if and when they are required.

There are often a range of fitness levels, including pretty fit people, which can be a bit daunting and intimidating for some plus size beginners who are really just getting started. Some people are totally comfortable in a group of all different abilities but if the idea fills you with dread, it might not be the ideal first step toward fitness for you. Either way is totally okay, of course. Everyone is different.

If you think a bootcamp is something that you would enjoy, by all means give it a go. It may well be the absolute perfect pathway to fitness for you. It would probably be a good idea to talk to the leader of the bootcamp first if you decide to try it out. It’s just worth having a chat to them to ensure they will be able to accomodate a beginner and can offer appropriate modifications to make sure you are exercising safely.

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