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Real Bodies Runners - Plus Size Online Running Coaching

Real Bodies Runners is an Online Running Coaching Program created and operated by Greg Leitch, Owner of Real Bodies Fitness in Melbourne. Real Bodies Runners is for people of all levels who would like to learn to run, improve their running, or even take on an EPIC challenge like running in an event.

Real Bodies Runners - Plus Size Online Running Coaching

What is so special about Real Bodies Runners?

Real Bodies Runners is special because the guy running it knows just how you feel. Greg has been on the journey from obese couch potato all the way to becoming a marathon runner.

Real Bodies Runners - Plus Size Online Running Coaching

Greg has learnt the hard way. He didn’t have anyone available to coach him – letting him know of the issues he’d be confronted with or how to ensure he was not over training. He also didn’t have anyone to guide him through getting the appropriate strength training required by runners.

“So many people have told me they can’t run, but they don’t go about it the right way. They all go out too hard and wonder why they only make it 200m down the road. Running isn’t as scary as that and it has so many benefits. I only want people to get out and surprise themselves and discover what an amazing and supportive community the running community actually is.” – Greg.

Now, Greg doesn’t expect everyone to want to try to run a marathon, but he absolutely wants to help people achieve goals that they may never have thought possible. Many of the people that are using Greg’s programs are, in fact, beginners and they have achieved amazing results.

What sort of results are people getting with Real Bodies Runners?

Greg’s Saturday morning Run Group, pictured below contains a few ladies who said they couldn’t run. Since then, they have all managed different goals including running 1km non-stop, running 3kms and one recently managed 7kms.

Real Bodies Runners - Plus Size Online Running Coaching

Brett pictured below has also run his first half marathon in July this year, after only having managed to build up to 10kms prior to working with Greg.

Real Bodies Runners - Plus Size Online Running Coaching

Natasha, in the amazing finishing shot below, is a client who came to Greg from a non-running background. She has now successfully lost 30kgs in the gym, is looking to improve her previous best Parkrun time and also build up to taking on the 10km distance at the next Melbourne Marathon Festival.

Real Bodies Runners - Plus Size Online Running Coaching

As you can see, Greg’s coaching clients are all just regular people wanting to succeed at something different, but wanting to make sure they have the professional guidance to do it correctly.

What is the investment?

Greg’s online running coaching costs $60 for a 4 week plan.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll put you in touch with Greg directly. If you’re ready to rock and roll, you can register now on the Real Bodies Fitness website.