Scared of the Gym? Some Plus Size Friendly Gym Alternatives

Scared of the Gym

Wondering how you’re ever going to get fit when you’re scared of the gym? I used to be scared of the gym too. In fact, the first time I ever really went into one was for a job interview as a weight loss coach. I have no idea how I got the job, to be honest – I was so intimidated by the machines around me that I couldn’t even think straight.

I get it. I most definitely get it. If you haven’t set foot in one for a long time (or ever!), especially when you’re carrying a fair bit of extra weight, the very thought of going inside can be horribly intimidating.

Today, I want to briefly touch on some of the alternative to going to a gym as well as point you in the direction of another article I wrote last week about what to look for in a training facility, if you decide that you would like to give one a go but aren’t sure what you should be looking out for.

It’s important to note that it’s absolutely not essential that you ever set foot inside a gym or personal training studio. You can certainly get results and take some really positive steps toward your goals through other means, especially when you are just starting out.

So what are the gym alternatives?

Mobile Personal Training

If you feel like the help of a personal trainer would be of advantage but just aren’t ready for the whole gym thing, having a trainer come out to your house is a great option. It can be a little more expensive but well worth it to get the one on one help you need in the privacy of your own home.


Another great option to get the ball rolling can be walking and/or jogging. Best of all, it costs absolutely nothing. You can set yourself little challenges to track your improvement and progress toward your goals as you go. You might be able to find a local walking group or get a friend or two involved to make it a bit more fun. We’re currently collating a little list of plus size friendly places to walk around Melbourne and Victoria.


If swimming if your thing, this is another great option. The same rules about training facilities in terms of finding a location you feel comfortable attending apply when it comes to swimming. This can be a sensational gym alternative for people who have trouble with their joints, making weight-bearing difficult.

Home Gym and Fitness Equipment

You could purchase a few pieces of fitness equipment that you’re comfortable using in the privacy of your own home if you like the idea of using the equipment but would prefer to do it solo. This equipment might include cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical, bike etc) as well as things like dumbbells, weights machines, medicine balls and resistance bands. You could likely hire a trainer for just a couple of session to help you design a program specific for your goals and to make sure you are performing all the exercises correctly.

Team Sports

While people who are a bit anxious about visiting a gym are also often intimidated by this concept, if you ding a great local group of supportive people, playing team sports can be a really positive, empowering experience. The social aspect is a real win too.

The Great Outdoors

Similar to the walking and jogging, just getting out in the great outdoors can be a great exercise option – it often doesn’t even feel like exercise when you’re out exploring what nature has to offer. Hiking, climbing, swimming – they all count and you can have a lot of fun (and fresh air!) doing it.

Above all else, finding something, or some combination of things, that you enjoy and feel comfortable with is most certainly the ideal place to start with all this fitness stuff and you’re scared of the gym.

If you do decide you want to try out a gym, or personal training studio, check out my previous post, What To Look For In A Training Facility. There are certainly place out there who are very welcoming and nurturing of beginners and stand ready to get you started on the right path – it’s just a matter of taking the time to seek them out.

If you’ve got questions about the options above and still aren’t question sure where to start, pop on over to our Facebook page for a chat. We’d love to hear from you!