Am I Making Mistakes with Goal Setting?

mistakes with goal setting

Goal setting is something I talk a lot about. While it’s certainly possible to just move for the enjoyment of it, without any particular goal in mind, many of my clients come with at least some aspect of their health and fitness that they’d like to work toward improving. There are some common mistakes with goal setting that I thought I would highlight here for you.

Mistake 1: Not written

There’s something about writing down your goals that make them more real. Having them written down (and ideally in a place you look at regularly) will remind you what you are working toward and keep you focused. Jot down your goals and put them somewhere prominent so you can focus in on them when things get tough. It doesn’t have to be boring – make it pretty if it’ll make you look at it more often. Make it very YOU! Try it out, it’ll make a big difference 🙂

Mistake 2: Too big

Sometimes we find people setting themselves goals that are far too big. This doesn’t mean that the goals are not achievable but it does mean that it may well take a long period of time to accomplish. I often find it’s better to break down bigger goals into smaller ones that are more manageable. Once you establish what you might like to ultimately achieve and then break it down into bite-size chunks. You will be able to check things off as achieved more quickly (and more frequently), keeping your motivation levels higher.

Mistake 3: Not specific

I come across this one a lot and it’s really pretty easy to do. People tell me they want to ‘get healthier’ or ‘get fitter’ but what does that really mean? What does becoming healthier or fitter mean to you? Do you want to be able to run 5km, do you want to be able to bench press a certain weight, do you want your blood pressure or resting heart rate to be lower? Sit down and really think about what you’d like to achieve and figure out what that means to you. Then select a goal that is specific as well as measurable.

Mistake 4: Too many

This is another one I see quite a bit (and may be guilty of myself a lot of the time!). People can get a bit carried away sometimes and set themselves a large number of goals all at once. It’s probably a much better approach to select just a couple of things (or even just the one) that you most want to achieve and focus on those first. Once you have achieved these, you can then focus on some of the others. Having too many goals may leave you struggling to spend any real amount of time focusing on any of the goals and achieving none of them. Always feels better to be able to tick things off.

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