Setting New Mini Goals to Rebound Faster

Setting New Mini Goals to Rebound Faster

I’ve been seeing people getting upset and frustrated with themselves over the past week or so. They’d set themselves a goal at the beginning of the year and have already ‘fallen off the wagon’.

Sound familiar? If you’re not there right now, you probably know the feeling well from past experiences.

Because it’s just so common, I wanted to write a little piece today about what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Don’t Panic!

First of all, don’t panic. It’s okay. I promise. Whatever the reason, it’s okay.

Beating yourself up about it really serves no purpose other than to make you feel even worse. It rarely, if ever, motivates you toward achieving the goal again and ‘getting back on the wagon’. It’s more likely to send you sliding into a spiral of negative thoughts and self-loathing. It’s just not helpful.

What Happened?

When you’re feeling ready, sit down and think about what happened. Was the goal you set unrealistic? Did you get sick? Did work or family issues distract you? Were you not enjoying what you were doing?

Without beating yourself up over it, because it cannot be changed, see if you can identify what might have happened. Identifying what set you off course may help in future goal setting.

Just Focus on the Next Week

Instead of setting a longer or even medium term goal, set yourself a really small, totally achievable goal. Something you know you can and will absolutely be able to:

  • fit into your schedule for the week
  • do without it being too much of a hassle

It can seriously be really quite a tiny step. As long as you ensure you are setting yourself up for a win. The more straight forward, simple and achievable the better for this initial week. We want you having a positive experience in achieving a goal rather than feeling defeated again.

Continue to Set Mini Goals

Once you’ve achieved your first weekly mini goal, continue to set very small achievable goals focusing just on the next 1-4 weeks at any given time. As you achieve your mini goals, you will build your confidence in you back up AND you’ll be getting fitter.

This means you can continue to extend your mini goals over time to further challenge yourself. The key is always to make them achievable, enjoyable and realistic. You’ll be setting yourself up for positive fitness experiences and it will help you avoid slipping into a negative mindset and feeling as though you’ve messed the whole thing up.

If you lose your way as you work toward a fitness goal, it’s okay. It’s always okay. We just need to take a deep breath, reassess and kick things off again in a super manageable way.

If you’re not sure where to start with your mini goals, stop by our Facebook page and we’ll help you work through it.