Setting Realistic Fitness Goals to Get You Through Winter

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals to Get You Through Winter

Winter can really be kinda hard! It’s dark and it’s cold. Just getting through the day seems tougher and exercise tends to take a back seat – especially when the alternative option is sitting at home in your PJs by the heater, watching Masterchef.

What can we do about this? We can’t change the seasons but we can make sure we are setting ourselves realistic fitness goals to keep us moving and more highly motivated to get to our training sessions as the thermostat takes a dive.

Goals give us something positive to work toward. They give us a focus, a purpose for turning up to training. I’m not talking about something really generic like ‘get fitter’ or ‘lose weight’ – they’re really vague and non-specific meaning it’s hard to know what you’re actually working toward. It’s also really hard to measure how you’re going over time.

Think about something you’d like to be able to do that you perhaps can’t do at the moment or maybe something that you just can’t do very well just yet. It might be to be able to do push ups on your toes, jog continuously for a particular duration or distance, be able to bench press a higher weight or make progress toward doing chin ups. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re specific about what your ultimate goal is and ensure it is measurable.

Break down the ultimate goal down into realistic and manageable tasks, checkpoints if you will. Setting these mini checkpoint goals will make sure you are able to see real improvements as you go and experience positive reinforcement along the way for all your hard work.

If you’re struggling with your goal setting and feeling like you’re losing motivation over the cooler months, pop on over to our Facebook page for a chat about how you might be able to break down your bigger goals into bite sized chunks and make real progress this winter.