How Can I Tell If I’m Getting Fitter?

How Can I Tell If I'm Getting Fitter?

As personal trainers, it’s pretty common for my team and I to have our clients saying that training just never gets any easier. Training is always challenging and they’re pretty confident they’re not improving at all. They just don’t feel like they are getting fitter. It can be pretty frustrating.

What your trainer doesn’t always mention to you is that we systematically make your workouts harder as you get fitter and stronger. You get fitter, we can put more into your training session. You get stronger, we can increase the weights and it will still feel as challenging to you as the lighter weight felt when you started out.

At my personal training studio, Slim Force Heidelberg, we will generally do some basic fitness tests when you first join us. We will periodically repeat these tests (and dream up some new ones along the way!) to show you some of your progress. We also encourage setting measurable fitness related goals so we can work toward them together. Each time you take a step toward that goal, even if it’s a little one, you are getting fitter and/or stronger.

So, how else can you tell if you’re getting fitter?

It’s in all the little things. The everyday things that happen over a period of time, sometimes without you really noticing.

Things like:

  • how easily you can walk up a flight of stairs (both in terms of how tired your legs get and how breathless you become)
  • how you recover at the end of a workout
  • how easy things are to lift
  • how much energy you have left at the end of the day
  • how quickly you can get from A to B

There are all sorts of ways that your everyday life is being positively impacted by your improved fitness. You just need to stop and think about it a little bit.

If you’re concerned that your fitness isn’t improving, make sure you pop on over to our Facebook page for a chat and we’ll see if there’s anything we can do to help you.