Consistency Is Key to Success

Consistency Is Key to Success

Consistency, consistency, consistency. It really is the key to making solid progress and ultimately achieving your health and fitness goals. There is so much conflicting information out there and plenty of programs that promise us the world. It’s next to impossible to decide who to believe and know¬†what the right option for you really is.

The trouble with a lot of the ‘diets’ and exercise programs is that they tend to be a bit all or nothing. They can be quite intensive and while many may well deliver something in the way of short term results, they offer little in the way of sustainability.

You start one of these programs and it can be great to start with. The trouble is that there is a lot to do and you’re often starting from a place of not doing a whole lot. As the days and weeks pass, you have increasing trouble maintaining the dramatic change in your lifestyle, you get tired and you ultimately start to slip back into old habits. It can really be a pretty vicious cycle of stopping and starting weight loss and fitness programs which sees our self confidence and self belief plummet and out weight going up and down like a yo-yo.

So, what is the answer here? Is there a better option?

Different approaches to health and fitness will work for different people. Above all else, it’s essential that you find an approach that works for you – that feels manageable at the time and sustainable in the longer term.

I highly recommend focusing on implementing just a couple of changes at a time. They can even be fairly small ones but ones that will be a step in the right direction of where you’d like to be heading. Focus on being consistent with these changes. It might be doing 1-2 walks a week. Aim to do that consistently over a period of weeks. This will really help to start cementing the habit into your everyday life. It will also help provide a solid base from which you can build.

Over time, establishing new habits and building upon them, can result in some fairly noticeable changes and it’s all done in a less stressful and less guilt inducing way. Because you’ve taken the time to focus on consistency, these changes you are making are much more likely to be long lasting which, at the end of the day, is what most of us would like.

Slow and steady can most definitely win the race.