Your Weight Does NOT Determine Your Fitness


It never ceases to amaze me. I hear stories ALL the time from my clients, friends and fellow trainers about people making assumptions about their fitness levels based on their weight/body shape/size. A while back, we even had people commenting on a photo of one of our mobile personal trainers suggesting that they were too chubby to be a personal trainer. Excuse me?!

Now, there are certainly plenty of overweight people out there who aren’t terribly fit. I’m not suggesting there aren’t. However, there are plenty of slim and ‘in-between’ people who are equally unfit.

As far as I am concerned, any person – of any weight – who is physically active on a regular basis can most certainly be a fit person. The more frequently they are active, the fitter they will become – again, regardless of the size of their body.

There are many reasons why people become (and remain) overweight and a lack of activity should certainly not be assumed. Can be a contributing factor? Absolutely, but it’s certainly not the only piece of the puzzle. Not by a long shot.

We’ve got big ladies and big blokes doing all sorts of things and in some cases, they can absolutely run rings around their leaner counterparts. Your weight or body shape simply does not determine your fitness level. You absolutely can be really quite fit, regardless of your size. Also, you need to remember, especially when you are first starting out, that the point at which you are beginning equally does not determine how far you can go with your fitness.

Making a start is the first step toward progress. Every bit counts.