6 Ways to Measure Your Progress Even When the Scales Suck

6 Ways to Measure Your Progress Even When the Scales Suck

The number on the scales seems to be the gold standard way to measure our progress according to so many programs out there. We’re not so into relying on the scales as the primary measurement of the progress you are making. So, how do you measure your progress when the scales suck?

Leading a more active lifestyle can have some really huge benefits and there are so many other things that can signal progress that do not relate to the number on the scales. Here are six ways to help you refocus on the positive when the scales suck.

  • Your energy levels: How do you feel throughout the course of the day? How do you feel getting out of bed in the morning? Are you generally coping better with your busy schedule than you were previously? Can you still do ‘stuff’ at the end of the day?
  • Your fitness levels: Are you finding you’re getting less out of breath less frequently going up stairs or rushing to get somewhere quickly? Is it easier to carry all the shopping in or lifting heavy boxes?
  • How you feel about you: Are you more positive in general about yourself, your body and your life? Exercise can have a really positive effect on our mental health and thought processes so improvements in these areas can be a definite indicator of progress.
  • Improvements in health indicators: This can be a massive one. Leading a more active lifestyle can have a positive impact on our blood pressure and cholesterol, can reduce joint pain and stiffness, improved asthma and boost your overall stamina and mobility.
  • How your clothes feel: you can typically get a bit of a gauge of how your body is changing over time by going off how your clothes feel. Are they getting a little looser? Regardless of what the scales say, your body can be changing shape and composition as a result of your training, nutrition and other lifestyle modifications.
  • Tape measurements: Similar to how your clothes feel, using a tape measure can be another indicator of what is going on with regard to your body shape and body composition without having to fixate on the scales.

These are just 6 ways you could measure your progress when the scales suck. Have you got some others? Let us know how you measure your progress below or jump on over to our Facebook page for a chat. We’d love to hear from you!