Scales Gone Up? 5 Things to Remember When It Happens

Scales Gone Up? 5 Things to Remember When It Happens

Scales gone up? It happens. To just about everyone who sets out to lose weight. And it can be really disheartening. I wanted to share with you five important things you should remember when it happens to you. Because it almost certainly will at some stage.

Here we go!

Your weight does not determine your fitness

Your fitness increases and decreases based on your daily activity levels. If you are maintaining an active lifestyle and exercising regularly, you will be fitter than someone who do not – regardless of their body weight or shape.

It can be more difficult in the very early stages for bigger people to get going when they are brand new to exercising. Not necessarily for everyone, but for some it certainly can be. It can be painful but again, it is by no means a clear cut indicator of where fitness can take you. Being more active and strengthening your thigh for example can have a positive improve on your knees.

The scales are only one piece of the puzzle

There is a lot going on in our bodies all the time. This means our bodies can be showing you how you are progressing with your new, improved lifestyle in many different ways.

For example:

  • your clothes might be getting looser
  • you might be able to get through the day with less discomfort in your muscles and joints
  • your blood pressure might be improving
  • you might be experiencing less heartburn
  • you may be sleeping better
  • your asthma may be less problematic
  • your skin may be clearer
  • you might be able to get things done faster

There is so much more to improved health and fitness than just the scales. Try to consider where you might be improving in other areas, it’s not just about scales.

It’s completely normal

Daily, weekly, monthly, even hourly fluctuations in weight are completely normal. It is possible that you just hopped on the scales at a time that you weighed a little more than you did the last time. Weight is not a static thing.

Things such as when you last ate or drank, when you last went to the toilet, the stage of your menstrual cycle, when you last exercises, the time of day etc can all have an impact on the number displayed by the scales.

It is for this reason that I recommend that people don’t weigh themselves too frequently and when they do, to always look at the number with an open mind and as just one piece of the overall health picture.

You are not defined by your weight

Your weight tells you (or anyone else, for that matter!) anything AT ALL about your worth as a person. Regardless of what the scales say, you are every bit as worthy of love, success, respect and happiness as anyone else is.

You are not your weight, not by a long shot. You are YOU, in everything that is means to be you, who happens to weight a certain amount on the scales. It’s just a number, it is not a definition of who you are.

You haven’t failed

It can be your natural instinct to blame yourself and believe that you have somehow ‘failed’ if you see the scales move in the ‘wrong’ direction. You’ve been doing everything ‘right’ but it still didn’t work.

I promise, it is not a sign of failure. In truth, believe it is will only put you in a negative headspace and is in no way going to help anyone, least of all you! As I mentioned previously, there are so many reasons why the number on the scales can jump around and that was by no means an exhaustive list.

You haven’t failed. You haven’t stuffed anything up. This is a process. A journey. It’s about consistently making positive steps toward your ideal lifestyle over a period of time. It’s not a race, you’re learning your new way of life. You make the rules and you set the goals.

It’s important to choose to focus on the other awesome things that are happening – to your body, to your mind and in your life in general. It’s not just about the scales. It really isn’t. They will rule your life if you let them. In many cases, in focusing on the other aspects of health and fitness, your weight starts to take care of itself. Don’t beat yourself up, keep taking positive steps in the right direction.

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