Australian Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

Australian Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

Here is the first of what will be many plus size friendly places to go for a wander in Melbourne that I’ll be posting about. My partner and I like to go out and about, documenting the places we go to let you guys know what to expect if you decide to check it out too! We headed down to Cranbourne to check out the Royal Botanic Gardens. We specifically checked out the Australian Garden (to find out more about Australian Garden check this website out –

Located on the corner of Ballarto Road and Botanic Drive, Cranbourne, this place turned out to be pretty great!! It’s not so much a place where you’d go to get fit but it’s certainly a good little spot to get your steps up if that’s your goal or just to be included as part of an active lifestyle. There were plenty of great spots for kids and adults alike to explore including a kids garden and a build a bush shelter activity. There were certainly lots of kids there having a great time.

It was a little over 2km to get around the whole of the Australian Garden (although I can guarantee that there were pockets we missed) and we were walking for about an hour all up. We stopped to check out different displays along the way and took the time to enjoy what we were seeing rather than even thinking about the pace we were walking at.

The majority of the garden was fairly flat with some gradual gradients but nothing that gave me too much trouble. There were a number of different surfaces to walk on (see pictures below) so it would pay to be a bit careful if you’re a little unsteady on your feet. Overall though, I can’t imagine too many problems for the majority of you. You can actually grab a map when you get there that indicates, with arrows, where hills occur which is quite handy.

At the halfway point, we stopped for a drink at the little kiosk which sells snacks, some hot food, coffees, cold drinks etc. It was certainly a nice spot to sit and overlook much of the gardens while we took a little break before continuing on our way. There are plenty of seats all around the gardens though if you feel like you need a break at any point.

Overall, very plus size friendly place with stunning views to go for an stroll or to entertain the kids for a couple of hours. We stopped for a bite to eat at the cafe on the way out and we even spotted a friendly-looking wallaby on the way out when we had a look at a nearby picnic ground.