Jumping Creek Nature Trail, Jumping Creek Reserve, Warrandyte State Park, North Warrandyte

Jumping Creek Nature Trail - Plus Size Friendly Walk in Warrandyte Victoria

A little while back, my husband and I headed out in search of a new place to walk that was suitable for us plus-size folk. I have a weird obsession with Warrandyte – I LOVE it there. Richie did a spot of Googling and found somewhere he knew I would love – the Jumping Creek Nature Trail which is part of Jumping Creek Reserve in Warrandyte State Park.

You enter the park from Jumping Creek Road, Wonga Park and head down to the Sandy Bay Picnic Area to gain access to the trail. It took us a little while to figure out exactly where to start from as we’d missed a sign. If you’re struggling a little bit, have a look for the track to Blue Tongue Bend. The Nature Trail starts at the same point. Here is a photo of where we started from.

Jumping Creek Nature Trail - Starting Point

In our quest to find the right way, we did finally find the information sign. I thought it was pretty cool that they had a laminated map with information about all the little check points and things to watch for along the trail. You can take this map with you as you meander your way through the bushland, just remember to pop it back when you come out the other end.

Jumping Creek Nature Trail, Warrandyte State Park - Information

You can download your own copy of the information sheet here at the Parks Victoria website.

So what was Jumping Creek Nature Trail like?

The ground was a bit uneven, the tracks were not always well formed, there were stairs, there were slopes, there were trees across the path and there was plenty of leaves and bushy branches to brush your way past.

Both being bigger people ourselves, we did both manage quite well and let me tell you, it was beautiful! Richie was definitely right to suggest it. It was a great day for it, too. Cool but sunny. My only regret was that we didn’t take a drink of water with us. I will include plenty of photos with this post so you can get a feel for what you can expect.

It was roughly two kilometres around the whole trail and took us a little under an hour. We certainly didn’t hurry as we kept stopping to enjoy the surrounds and take happy snaps of things we liked.

You start off by following along the river before winding your way around some pretty great looking bushland. It was great to have the information page with us so we knew what we were looking at. There were HEAPS of little lizards scooting off in all directions and I even spotted a wallaby taking off through the trees when he heard us coming.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and while there were people in and around the car park, we didn’t encounter anyone else at all during our trail walk. I’m not sure if it’s always like that but it just added to the experience.

I would definitely recommend it to any plus-size ninjas who have done a little bit of walking and are pretty sturdy on their feet. It’s not a particularly hard walk but it might be a little bit of a challenge if you’re brand new to exercising but there are some lovely spots for a sit down if a breather is required.

Check out the photos below and see what you think. Shoot me a message via our Facebook page if you head out to this one, would love to hear how you went. I thought it was ACE!