Plus Size Workout of the Month: Drop Down Circuit

Plus Size Workout of the Month: Drop Down Circuit

Our workout for plus size beginners in May 2017 is a drop down circuit. You only need a resistance band for this one but it’s only one exercise so you could always swap it out (or just skip it!) if you don’t have a band and don’t wish to buy one.

As with all exercise, if it’s been a while since you were physically active or you have any health concerns, please check with your doctor to make sure they are happy for you to increase your activity. In most cases, they will encourage you to start moving more but it’s always been to get the okay for your unique set of circumstances.

Plus Size Workout of the Month: The Instructions

Now, this workout involves up to 5 rounds of 8 exercises. You can opt to stop at 2-3 if need be and build up to all five. However, each round gets easier as we ‘drop down’ the number of repetitions required for each exercise with every round.

Here’s the number of repetitions for each round:

  • Round 1: 25 repetitions
  • Round 2: 20 repetitions
  • Round 3: 15 repetitions
  • Round 4: 10 repetitions
  • Round 5: 5 repetitions

Aim to have minimal rest during rounds but if you do need to take a breather, please make sure you do.

For round one, perform 25 repetitions of each of the exercises listed below. Have a brief rest if required before moving on to round two where you will perform 20 repetitions of each exercise.

Continue on, taking rests between rounds (or as required) until you have completed all five rounds.

Plus Size Workout of the Month: The Exercises

  1. Total Body Extensions
  2. Front Kicks (each leg)
  3. Push Ups
  4. Lunges
  5. Resistance Band Rows
  6. Low Impact Jumping Jacks
  7. Calf Raises
  8. Basic Crunch

What are you waiting for? If you’re ready to give this workout a good go, pop on some of your favourite music and get to it 🙂

If you’ve given it a go, make sure you stop by our Facebook page to let us know how you went with this one! We’d love to hear from you!