Plus Size Workout of the Month: 100-10 Circuit Challenge

Plus Size Workout of the Month: 100-10 Circuit Challenge

The Plus Size Workout of the Month for September 2016 is a 100-10 circuit challenge using predominantly body weight exercises. A resistance band would be great for this one but jump on over to our Facebook page for help with modifications if you don’t have one.

As with all exercise, if it’s been a while since you were physically active or you have any health concerns, please check with your doctor to make sure they are happy for you to increase your activity. In most cases, they will encourage you to start moving more but it’s always been to get the okay for your unique set of circumstances.

Workout of the Month: Instructions

Now, doing 100 reps of any exercise is a kind of scary thought when you’re just getting started. It’s okay though, because you don’t have to do them all at once, unless you want to 🙂

The objective over the course of the workout is to complete the number of reps next to each exercise. Do what you can and move on to the next exercise. Continue to work through the list until you’ve completed all the reps for all the exercises.

If you can’t manage it all, that’s completely fine. Record what you could do and aim to improve next time you do the workout. If you can manage it all, record how long it took so you can see how your fitness is improving over time when you repeat the workout.

100-10 Circuit Challenge

  • 100 reps: Squats/Sit to Stand
  • 90 reps: Glute Bridge
  • 80 reps: Front Kicks (each leg)
  • 70 reps: Resistance Band Row
  • 60 reps: Step Ups (each leg)
  • 50 reps: Push Ups
  • 40 reps: Basic Crunch
  • 30 reps: Walk Out/Modified Burpees
  • 20 reps: Walk/Jog
  • 10 reps: Drops

Pop some music on and see how you go. We’d love to hear. Head on over to our Facebook page to let us know!