Plus Size Workout of the Month: Deck of Cards

Plus Size Workout of the Month: Deck of Cards

The Plus Size Workout of the Month for June 2016 is called a Deck of Cards workout. As with all exercise, if it’s been a while since you were physically active or you have any health concerns, please check with your doctor to make sure they are happy for you to increase your activity. In most cases, they will encourage you to start moving more but it’s always been to get the okay for your unique set of circumstances.

The deck of cards workout can be completed using a physical old school deck of cards or you can download an app on your smart phone. I use one for my client called ‘Ripdeck’. It’s free in the Apple App Store. There are in app purchases which allow you to create unlimited workouts and store all your previous workouts which is pretty nifty. There’s also one called ‘Sweat Deck’ but I haven’t used this one personally.

Basically, each suit in the deck (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades & jokers) is assigned a specific exercise. You can create your own or use one of the samples I have created for you. The number of reps for each exercise will depend on the card you’ve picked up.

An example using Sample Workout 1 (see below):

Cards 2 – 10:
Perform the number of reps on the card (eg. 5 of hearts = 5 push ups) Jacks/Queens/Kings:
Perform 11 reps of the exercise (eg. Q of hearts = 11 push ups)
Perform 13 reps of the exercise (eg. Ace of clubs = 13 step ups)
Perform 15 reps of the exercise (eg. Joker = 15 walk out burpees)

It’s okay to adjust the joker number, depending on what you’ve selected to be your joker exercise. You can also select the joke to be a 30 second rest if you think you’ll need it.

You can opt to do the whole deck at once, it will normally be a 30-60 minute workout (depending on which exercises you choose) or if you are using a physical deck, another great options is to leave the deck of cards somewhere in the house that you frequently walk past. Every time you have a couple of minutes to spare or just every time you walk past, do a card or two. See if you can get the whole deck done by the end of the day. This strategy is great for stay at home mums with small children who make it impossible to set aside a block of time to get the workout done.

Sample Workout 1:

Hearts: Push Ups
Diamonds: Squats
Spades: Stick Ups
Clubs: Step Ups
Joker: Walk Out Burpees

Sample Workout 2:

Hearts: Medicine Ball Chest Press
Diamonds: Walking Lunges
Spades: Medicine Ball Slam
Clubs: Front Kicks
Jokers: Hallway/Driveway Runs

Sample Workout 3:

Hearts: Standing Leg Curls
Diamonds: Sit to Stand
Spades: Pointer
Clubs: Total Body Extensions
Joker: Jumping Jacks (Low Impact Option if required)

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