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Plus Size Wedding Dress in Melbourne - Plus Size Perfection Bridal

I’m not a huge fan of shopping and I am certainly not a fan of dresses. I had always said, though, that I would go a bit crazy on my wedding day and put on a dress. Because I am all about plus size fitness, I had been following Plus Size Perfection Bridal for a while, certainly before I was engaged. I didn’t do it so much for me initially, but in case I could help clients who were in need of a plus size wedding dress.

I put of going to find a wedding dress until mid-late August. I’d been engaged since January and was getting married in October. That is how much I didn’t want to go dress shopping!

I recruited my mum who is only very slightly more ‘girly’ than I am and we headed down to Plus Size Perfection Bridal in Hallam. I thought that going to somewhere that specifically services bigger people would be sure to be something that would fit and there would likely to be multiple options in my size. There certainly was!

We were greeted at the door with a welcoming smile. We filled in a very brief questionnaire re: what I was looking for in terms of budget, style, colour, when it was for, that sort of thing. I explained that I really don’t ‘do’ dresses and I had about zero clue what I was doing. They said it would be fun! I wasn’t entirely convinced but we wandered around briefly while I was waiting for my stylist.

Georgina appeared promptly and she walked around with us to help determine what sort of look I might be happy with. She got a bit of an idea and disappeared only to emerge with not one plus size wedding dress for me to try, but three. Awesome! And they were all most certainly within the budget that I had indicated on my initial questionnaire. Hint – it wasn’t very high, I’m not into dresses and I saw little point in spending a fortune on something I wouldn’t wear again.

Georgina noticed how much I was giggling as we tried on the dresses. She thought I might be nervous but I assured her that’s pretty much how I am. It actually was kind of fun, I was so far out of my element that I just went with the flow. The first dresses, to my surprise were too big! But that was okay because they had all of them in the size smaller.

It took me all of an hour to select and buy my wedding dress. The dress I liked the best was the one that both my mum and Georgina liked best too. I thought that trying on ten more dresses would only confuse the situation so I went with my instant. We tried a few options for straps and decided to add them into the mix as well.

I really was put at ease from the minute I walked in the door despite how much I was dreading having to do it and how little I know about wedding dresses or dresses in general. It had honestly been over 10 years since I’d worn one!

Kate Morris - Plus Size Fitness Melbourne wearing Plus Size Wedding Dress from Plus Size Perfection Bridal

The fittings were just as hassle free and I experienced great customer service once again. My first fitting was 8 days after I’d had laparoscopic surgery so I was pretty sore, not to mention dazed and confused. I was moving slowly and was a bit unsteady on my feet but not once did I feel remotely rushed. I felt like the staff were listening to what I was saying and that my dress would be how I wanted it.

The second fitting was much easier. Only a couple of minor adjustments and we were good to go. Ready to rock with a week to go before the wedding. Yay! I can’t recommend the ladies down at Plus Size Perfection Bridal in Hallam highly enough if you’re in need of a plus size wedding dress. My dress combined with the sensational hair and makeup by Lucia at Les Couleurs Studio, I actually looked like a bride for my special day.

Who knew that was possible? I am the girl who is 24/7 wearing a pony tail, no make up, hoodies and track pants!

Kate Morris - Plus Size Fitness Melbourne wearing Plus Size Wedding Dress