Taking Time Out for You, It’s Important!


We lead REALLY busy lives these days. We’re working, we’re trying to maintain our important relationships, our phones are constantly beeping at us and someone ALWAYS seems to want us to do something for them or with them. It’s almost impossible these days to really switch off.

As part of my own personal journey, I am working toward finding a better work life balance. As a fairly typical small business owner, I pretty much ALWAYS find myself working in some way. I’ve realised how detrimental this really is lately to my ability to produce great stuff for clients, to think clearly (about anything), just to function sometimes. It just can’t possibly be physically, psychologically or emotionally healthy to carry on like this.

You get so wrapped up in what you’re doing, you get overwhelmed and end up either doing nothing at all or just functioning on autopilot, neither of which, I am sure you will agree, is probably the way you WANT to be living your life. You want to be able to think clearly, make decisions, feel in control and really be able to enjoy experiences in your life. You want to be able to be present in the moment and not thinking about all the other ‘stuff’ ALL the time.

It’s important to take a little time out for you when you need it. To do something you LOVE to do. Something that will help you block out that voice constantly yapping to you about what you have do next and recharge the batteries. People often argue with me saying they don’t have time to do this but if you do manage it, you will be soooooo much more productive in everything you do.

Taking time out for you

What am I doing to take time for me? I LOVED colouring in as a child. From a very young age I was really quite pedantic about not going outside the lines. I found it really therapeutic even back then and I have taken it up recently.

My colouring in time allows me the chance to focus on ‘my masterpiece’ just enough to block out the thoughts about what I need to do next for the business. I can just relax, enjoy what I am doing and watch the picture come to life. I am hoping to build upon this by adding some other things in but I am really excited about what a difference this has made to my life. It’s teaching me that it’s okay to step away from all the distractions of life and business and just do something I really enjoy doing. It refreshes my mind so I can think more clearly.

Taking time out for you

Not into colouring in? There are heaps of other options. Try to make it something that doesn’t include ‘screen time’ and is something you really enjoy (or think you’d enjoy) – something that can help you escape the crazy that is life and just focus on you. You might enjoy doing puzzles, painting, reading trashy novels, gardening, arts and crafts, meditation, yoga, a walk along the beach or in local parklands – just about anything.

Give it a go for a few weeks. We’re never going to be in perfect balance all the time but sometimes you just have to find a little bit of time somewhere for you. Recharging the batteries a bit will absolutely help you in all other areas of your life.

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