Facebook Declutter: Step Two – Unlike Pages and Leave Groups

Facebook Clean Up : Step Two - Unlike Pages and Leave Groups

A few weeks ago, I created a little post for you guys about doing a bit of a Facebook declutter. Today is the followup post to the original one which was: Facebook Declutter: Step One – The Highlights Reel. This one will be all about unliking (or at least unfollowing) pages and leaving groups that don’t make you feel so great.

What do I mean? I am talking about all those memes, photos and statuses in general that:

  • promote the ‘thin ideal’ as being what we should all aspire to
  • are body shaming (fat shaming or otherwise)
  • promote an all or nothing mentality
  • are overly judgmental about other people – their appearance, personality, lifestyle – anything really
  • spout unproven remedies or quick fixes to solve all your problems

A lot of these pictures and messages can have an emotional impact on us if we stop to think about it. We can very easily feel as though we are being judged or are somehow not good enough because we don’t look or behave in the ways they say we should look.

Our newsfeed can actually become a pretty depressing place because all those pages we’ve ‘liked’ and groups we’ve joined are bombarding us with messages that do not foster a sensible, positive and sustainable approach to fitness and are often incredibly judgmental. Who wants to feel judged or not good enough every time they look at Facebook?

At the end of the day, it’s your newsfeed. You shouldn’t feel bad in scrolling through it. It shouldn’t trigger a cascade of negative thoughts about yourself or your situation. It should lift you up and make you feel positive and supported.

I challenge you to go through your feed this week to unlike pages (or at least unfollow them if you feel uncomfortable about hitting unlike) and leave groups that are frequently making posts that feel judgmental or negative. Anything that makes you feel a bit icky, down on yourself or does not fit in with your path to health and wellness? Ditch it from your feed. You don’t need it there. It serves no worthwhile purpose.

Combining this with unfollowing friends who are constantly posting things that bring you down as suggested in the previous post, will make your visits to Facebook much more pleasant and can have a real impact on your mindset. There’s just no need to subject yourself to negativity. Fill your feed with things you genuinely find inspiring and motivational – that make you feel like you can do it, no matter where you’re starting from and most of all, that you are just as worthy of love, acknowledgement and happiness as the girl in the picture with the ‘perfect’ abs.