Can I Still See Results If I Have to Split My Exercise Sessions across the Day?

Can I break up my workouts?

As personal trainers, my team and I often get asked about whether exercise can be blocked into small chunks throughout the day or whether is has to be in one, designed longer block of time. This is particularly relevant to parents with small children but can be something that people from all walks of life consider – especially when we’re just starting out and the whole exercise thing is kinda hard.

The answer to this questions probably depends somewhat on what you consider ‘results’ to be. The word will mean something entirely different to different people. At Slim Force, we try to focus as much as we can on improved health and fitness through exercise and assisting our clients to make a variety of lifestyle adjustments that will lead to improved long-term health outcomes. All in a manageable and sustainable way. Oh, and we try to keep it fun too!

It can be really difficult to find multiple, extended blocks of time throughout the week to dedicate to exercise. A lot of personal trainers might just say you are making excuses but for some people, it is genuinely difficult to find that block of time more than a couple of times a week. Either that or the idea of a longer workout is just too overwhelming. Either way, I’m here to tell you it’s okay to spread your exercise efforts throughout the day.

The results you get from this might not be quite the same as if you were doing it all in one hit but it absolutely accumulates over time and you will see health and fitness benefits from having the additional movement in your life. If you did five minutes of exercises here and there throughout the day, it will really add up over the course of a day and in turn, over a week. All that is going to have a positive impact on your overall fitness and health in the long term and guess what? If that’s what is manageable, achievable and sustainable for YOU, that is absolutely what you should do.

I have been known to devise at-home, between session workout plans for my clients that can be broken down into smaller chunks to create a series of short workouts. I particularly do this for mums and dads who are juggling family life with little ones and find it next to impossible to find a 30 or 45 minute block of uninterrupted time. I encourage them to do exercises while waiting for the kettle to boil and any other time the find they have a spare few minutes. I write 20-minute challenge workouts that they can use if they manage to find a 20-minute block before picking up the kids, before waking them in the morning or after they go to bed at night. I give them options that can work for very short and for longer periods of time. Every little bit counts, guys. I promise. The alternative to this approach may be doing nothing at all much of the time. A little bit here and there is always better than none at all.

It really is a fantastic approach for beginners who might be training once or twice a week with a trainer but find it challenging to do too much by themselves at home – whether it be a time, energy, fatigue, motivation, confidence issue. It’s far less daunting to do a 5-minute circuit than a 45-minute workout when you’re just starting out.

There really is no right or wrong way to ‘do’ fitness. This whole journey is about working out a way that works for you under your current circumstances. Finding a way that it will fit into YOUR life. It’s not someone else’s journey, they don’t get to have a say. Do what you can, when you can. The benefits will start to add up, your fitness will start to improve. It’s all worth it.

I would love to hear how you make time for exercise in your life. Do you find you need to break it up into more manageable chunks? Shoot us an email via our contact form, comment below or pop over to our Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you!