Why Does Weight Come off Everywhere but Where I Want It To?

Why Does Weight Come off Everywhere but Where I Want It To?

How often have you tried to lose weight and all the weight just kept coming off the spots you just weren’t that worried about and never where you did want it to come off? I remember this from when I was losing weight initially. I was a very definite pear shape and while I was overweight everywhere, the bulk of it was from the waist down. I started training and eating better by being more mindful about what I ate – anyone care to guess what happened? Spot on! I was dropping centimetres left right and centre on my upper body and barely noticed a change in anything that I really wanted to change.

I see this all the time in my work as a personal trainer as well and I’ve had a number of questions about it from you guys. My top-heavy clients are getting leaner legs and my bottom heavy clients are off to buy new bras because they are swimming in the original ones (I suspect this only applies to the ladies!!). It can be really disheartening and almost feels as though it isn’t working. I’ve even known people to give up on the lifestyle changes they are making because it’s not coming off in the order they want it to.

Why does this happen? In short, the parts of your body that contain the highest number of fat deposits are where your body naturally prefers to store fat. Everyone’s distribution will be different which is why we can have people who are overweight but vastly different shapes. If your body likes to store it’s fat around your hips and thighs (as mine tends to), it makes sense there would be more resistance from your body to release the fat in those areas. It will burn energy from other parts of your body first.

What do you do? Keep going! I wondered for a while if my lower body would ever make much of a move, but eventually, it did. Things will start to even out if you persevere with your training and practice mindful eating. Just remember, everyone’s body is different – you don’t gain weight in exactly the same way everyone else does and you won’t lose it in exactly the same way either. You should never compare your journey to anyone else’s – progress is being made, it just takes time and we’re in this for the long haul, right?