What Time of Day Should I Exercise?

What Time of Day Should I Exercise?

As a personal trainer, I often get asked by clients and followers about whether it is better to exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening. It really depends and this should really come down to your personal preference and any scheduling restrictions you may have.

One important factor to consider is how you feel when you exercise at different times of day. This really will be different for different people. Some people like to get it happening bright and early and set themselves up for a great day. Others can barely function early in the morning and feel great getting their workout in later in the day.

Another important factor, for many a major determining factor, is when you have time to exercise. If you already have to wake up at 5am to get to work on time, it’s unlikely you will have any real chance to get a workout in before work – most people just aren’t okay with getting up at 4am which seems pretty fair to me! Same goes for if you are working afternoon or evening shifts – training very late at night is probably not that likely to make you feel excited.

Your best bet is the try a few options out if you’re unsure. If you have a schedule that allows it, try getting up early and doing a session and try a workout after work, really think about how you feel in doing it. When are you most motivated to do it? When do you feel like you have more energy for do the best you can in your session?

Whenever you decide is your optimal time for exercise, it’s important to try to remember to schedule time for your sessions into your calendar. Life doesn’t always pan out how we expect it to but if we have a plan to do something at a particular time, it’s much more likely to actually happen than if we just have a vague thought about maybe doing something.

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